November 8, 2007

God gives a man life through a woman (his wife — in terms of health, psychological health especially – see medical studies — and his mother in terms of physical beginning of life.)


October 30, 2007

For the past several years, since at G-town, I have felt a dire need for exercise for my own survival. One of the main reasons is my ‘spiritual well-being’. This seems like an odd connection. But from experience, it ‘is’.

Related to this, I feel this hot sensation in the core of my body, when I don’t exercise regularly enough. It is hard to describe. It seems to be in the core and flow to the exterior… as if it is in my blood. I often feel this after junk food.

Today I rode my bike / ran to work for 40 minutes plus other exercise. This ‘hot’ sensation *totally* went away, me completely forgetting about it.

Then later in the day, while eating a ‘Burrito Bowl’ I felt like I was doing something wrong when eating some burnt-tasting chicken pieces—I knew theoretically that’s not good for you.

What do you know, a few minutes later I started feeling that distinct ‘hot’ sensation.

I looked it up in Google and found out burnt meat has proven carcinogens. I am thinking, this hot sensation I feel when I don’t exercise regularly could be related to carcinogen stuff.

The point: exercise!!! It is good for you in many ways. And don’t eat burnt-tasting meat!!!

October 17, 2007

Major knowledge:  People.  People. In general. You need to care about them. 

Have mercy; feel their pain. Not be just in the ‘I don’t need anyone’ attitude.

 “Wa min hum man aahadallaaha la in aataanaa min fadlihee lanassadaqanna” I think for you this refers to spending time with others and helping them with their needs for  God … or hanging out with the brothers, feeling their difficulties, wanting good for them, wanting good for everyone – especially in the domain of taqwa and past sins, etc.

 …… Falamma aataahum min fadlihi [taqwa, being away from sins] bakhiloo bihi wa tawallaw wa hum mu’ridoon”

The thing is, god gave you taqwa and forgiveness and then you got into ‘tugyan’ (feeling like you don’t need God & false self sufficiency and conceitedness.)  or … you became ’bakheel’ with it.


Now that I have been deprived of t and f temporarily a bit—I feel that for other people a lot more.  I see them as poor beings instead of seeing them as responsible for it and its their fault.  I don’t remember.  I think I might have used to think, I deserved this, this is due to my own knowledge, I dunno.

Lessons from…

October 3, 2007

Lesson: I relied too much on this job — rather you have peace of the heart at god alone — not at dunya

Lesson: Be with the Truthful — but don’t look for super super high caliber people

Lesson: Ill-will towards people — it harms you & takes you away from objectives (understatement)

Lesson: What is maw’ood Allah? E.g. Istikhaara

**Learn networking.**

Buy a car and drive to work.

Make a schedule.


Lesson: “and there came to you a serious warner.” become taib– you attitude about marriage – takkbbur

***Lesson: Tell people about dhikr 100X ***


October 2, 2007

There is nothing that prevents your provision like being arrogant.

The weightiest thing on the scales of judgment will be good character.

September 12, 2007

August 29, 2007

With the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

All credit goes to Allah.  We praise him.  We seek his help.  We seek his forgiveness.  We have certainty in him.  We entrust our affairs to him.  We ascribe all good to him.

 We moved back to my sister’s apartment.

 The aayaat came true.  It came to fruition, to ‘realization’, to reality.  God has truly given us.  Truly, he who is mindful of reality in all his affairs, and endures in it (despite the hardships) then truly Allah will not cause the recompense of those who act excellently to be wasted.


July 26, 2007

I thought today might be a good place to start.  We received the news today that ‘Sister Munthaha’ died, on the Kansas City Mosque email list.  Upon a closer look, we found out it was the same ‘Sister Munthaha’ whose wedding we had attended on Saturday–just 4 days ago.

We drove to her Janaza at the main Islamic Center.  (Mom and I)

We got there at 5:30.  The body got there around 6:45 – 7 from what I remember. 


Several things came to my mind.  The very first was me… your heart needs a cleaning, urgently, especially regarding attitudes towards other people.  This was at home.  At the mosque, I thought, human beings are really dirt–the stuff they are made of is gross.  They are dirt with  life.  As soon as the life goes away, it starts rotting.  I thought that about myself, and that I really do not deserve to be arrogant.
Also, I thought, whatever life I am running on is a bonus.  My mom mentioned this earlier.