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July 26, 2007

I thought today might be a good place to start.  We received the news today that ‘Sister Munthaha’ died, on the Kansas City Mosque email list.  Upon a closer look, we found out it was the same ‘Sister Munthaha’ whose wedding we had attended on Saturday–just 4 days ago.

We drove to her Janaza at the main Islamic Center.  (Mom and I)

We got there at 5:30.  The body got there around 6:45 – 7 from what I remember. 


Several things came to my mind.  The very first was me… your heart needs a cleaning, urgently, especially regarding attitudes towards other people.  This was at home.  At the mosque, I thought, human beings are really dirt–the stuff they are made of is gross.  They are dirt with  life.  As soon as the life goes away, it starts rotting.  I thought that about myself, and that I really do not deserve to be arrogant.
Also, I thought, whatever life I am running on is a bonus.  My mom mentioned this earlier.