For the past several years, since at G-town, I have felt a dire need for exercise for my own survival. One of the main reasons is my ‘spiritual well-being’. This seems like an odd connection. But from experience, it ‘is’.

Related to this, I feel this hot sensation in the core of my body, when I don’t exercise regularly enough. It is hard to describe. It seems to be in the core and flow to the exterior… as if it is in my blood. I often feel this after junk food.

Today I rode my bike / ran to work for 40 minutes plus other exercise. This ‘hot’ sensation *totally* went away, me completely forgetting about it.

Then later in the day, while eating a ‘Burrito Bowl’ I felt like I was doing something wrong when eating some burnt-tasting chicken pieces—I knew theoretically that’s not good for you.

What do you know, a few minutes later I started feeling that distinct ‘hot’ sensation.

I looked it up in Google and found out burnt meat has proven carcinogens. I am thinking, this hot sensation I feel when I don’t exercise regularly could be related to carcinogen stuff.

The point: exercise!!! It is good for you in many ways. And don’t eat burnt-tasting meat!!!

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